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All our artworks are handmade and each one is unique.
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Learn Thangka Painting

coursesSunapati Thanka School offers some short courses designed for anyone interested in learning and understanding the iconography, methods, materials and techniques involved in the process of creation of Thangka paintings.
Keep in mind that a thangka painting is not only a decoration or a creation of beauty, but is the mean to convey the iconography and lineage essential for a Buddhist practitioner.
This doesn’t mean that it is an activity done merely in religious contexts.
It’s an art for everybody, it’s fun and it’s a very effective healing practice as well.

A video of Johanna 3 days course

FREE introductory class !

thangka painting class
11 am and 2 pm, daily.
Price of materials is 300 NRs. and will allow you to learn about the process of designing and painting thangkas and you will be able to take home what you paint.

Extended three day course

customerYou may pay for supplies and give the teacher 400 NRs. for his time. Total $7 per day only!
Our friends and students can enjoy staying in Bhaktapur or even spend more days in the guest house here in beautiful Changu while they include time in their schedule to come for a few hours each day to learn in our art school.
You will find it very enjoyable and relaxing. More info at

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Help Nepal

Our Art School is hosting several young students coming from remote villages of Nepal and talented artists affected by the devastating earthquake in 2015.

We also contribute to the restoration of our village and other humanitarian projects by supporting our local NGO. If you want to volunteer in Changunarayan please contact Kay Garnay for Nepal.

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