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Namthose Thangka

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Namthose / Namse (in Tibetan Buddhism) or Vaisravana / Kubera (Hinduism) is known as the regent of the North, King and protector of the World as well as the Lord of Wealth.
He is often portrayed with an umbrella, symbol of his sovereignty. A mongoose spitting jewels is also a common element displayed with this deity in most Thangkas. The mongoose is the enemy of the snake (symbol of greed) and represent the victory of Vaisravana over the Nagas, the guardian of treasures.

Namthose is also known as Jambhala and mostly worshiped for his power to attract and maintain wealth. He is also associated with White Mahakala and Lord Ganesha, God of wisdom and good fortune, as they share similar iconography and symbolism.

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