Silk Frames

Many of our clients ask “what is the best way to display a thangka painting”?
We believe that thangkas and mandalas look very elegant with a simple and modern frame. However if one is looking for a more traditional design and a cheaper alternative to frame the painting we definitely suggest to choose one of our beautiful silk frames.
We offer different designs of fabrics and it is also possible to customize the brocade for your thangka according to your favorite color combinations.

Please keep in mind that the height of the frame is usually twice the height of the thangka painting.
The size to select according to the size of the painting are the following:

SMALL: 5X5 8X8 9X7
MEDIUM: 10×10 12×10 13×13
LARGE: 18X14 18X18 23X17 24X24
X-LARGE: 32X23 32X32

To have an estimate of the price of brocades for bigger artworks please contact us.
(all the sizes are in expressed in inches)

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