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Our art school hosts a team of artists specialized in Tibetan Thangka paintings, Newari Paubha, Buddhist and Hindu Mandalas and traditional Himalayan masks. Guiding our mission is the belief that art plays an important social role, especially here in Nepal, and traditional ancient arts must be preserved. By opening our school and shop to the internet we want to promote and share what we love to teach and practice.

Thank you to Crystal for this video (shot before the Earthquakes of 2015).

Our Talented Artists and Students

Artists creating thankas and mandala paintings

After the earthquakes of April 2015 our school was severely damaged and many artists lost their houses. In order to help our community we decided to co-fund a local NGO (more info at and invited several young and talented women to join our team of artists, giving them the opportunity to contribute supporting their families. This was possible also because of the success of this website and the contribution and fondness of many.

Art Thangka School members

Muna, Sangita and Laxmi

Our talented students

Urmila, Rita and Nira

Artist painting thangka

Sharmila, Saraswati and Sarita with her daughter

The Teachers and Master Artists

A thangka painter is considered to be a Master only after five years of constant practice. The youngest master artist at Sunapati Thangka School have been practicing this art for more than ten years and we work with some of the best thangka painters in the world having more than 40 years of experience.

Art School Masters

Masters Buddha Lama, Kamal Bhujel and Ram Shrestha

Learn tangka painting

Masters Mira Bhujel, Sanjaya Bhujel and Thula Lama

Wood-carved Masks Artists

Master wood carvers Furba Lama and mask painter Maya Tamang with her two daughters

We accept commissions of custom paintings and personalized designed thangkas, mandalas and masks according to our clients needs and taste. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and because we don’t use third parties re-sellers, we can offer the best prices online according to the different qualities. Our artworks are authentic and original decorative elements for living spaces, meditation rooms and yoga studios.

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Endless Knot Symbol


All our artworks are handmade and each one is unique.
Please contact us before placing an order or click on the button “Product Inquiry” specifying Size, Quality and your favorite customization.

Reviews and Testimonials

We offer fast and secure shipments worldwide and easy payments with Paypal.

thangka paintings delivered worldwide

Feel free to use the chat to get in touch with us. We believe in customers satisfaction, courtesy and kind communication.

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We host young students and talented artists coming from villages affected by the devastating earthquakes of 2015.


Contribute to the restoration of our village and other humanitarian projects by supporting our nonprofit.

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