The Tibetan Thangka painting tradition is a religious art characterized by a unique style whose subjects may include Buddhas, bodhisattvas, deities, guru and mandalas.
Thangka paintings are still considered very important for studying and preserving the religion, history, culture and traditions of Tibet, India and Nepal.
Historically most thangkas were commissioned for both spiritual and mundane matters. For instance to help a sick person, to remove spiritual or physical obstacles or to gain merit during commemoration of religious events.
Lamas and pilgrims use to carry them in ceremonial processions and hung in monasteries or altars.

We paint our thangkas on cotton canvas using water soluble colors, both mineral and organic, tempered with a herb and glue solution.
We offer different quality of thangka you can choose. Click HERE in order to understand the differences.
Both Intermediate-gold and Master qualities are made using 24 carat gold paint.

We accept commissions of customized thangkas based on a picture or a description you can provide.
You may order a combination of one or more thangkas displayed on this website with other images, composing the perfect artwork for your house, shrine, yoga studio or meditation room.
Please keep in mind that painting thangkas demands great mastery over the drawing, a high understanding of geometric and iconographic principles and overall…time.