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All our artworks are handmade and each one is unique.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know I am getting the painting quality I am paying for?

You will know your painting even before it is shipped. We send our customers 5 pictures of their paintings: one full digital picture, plus one picture of each of the four quadrants so you can see the detail of the actual painting that will be sent to you for your approval. We send these by email 48 hours prior to shipping. If you would like changes you can tell us what we need to do to satisfy your expectations. Otherwise, we will wait 48 hours and then ship it without changes.

How long will I have to wait for my order to be delivered?

It depends on your needs and what we have in stock. We have a policy to begin your painting immediately upon receiving your order. Some paintings will take a full three months to be completed, but we have many in our inventory. In any event, you will receive your detailed digital photos prior to shipping. Quality and integrity are our foremost concerns; therefore we aim to earn the highest acclamation from you and your guests.

Where do these paintings come from and who paints them?

Our thangka school and shop is located in the ancient temple village, Changu Narayan, near Bhaktapur, Nepal. Our students actually live at the school located above our shop.

What if I am not happy with what you make for me?

Your satisfaction is our primary concern. We will email you a detailed digital picture of the exact painting we will ship to you, but we are happy to make any changes you would like, including changes in the silk border. You will have 48 hours to view it on your email and let us know if there are any alterations needed.

How can I order a custom silk border and know it will look nice in my home?

If you would like a silk border you will need to tell us how you would like it to be created. We build them from the outside in, so first tell us what color you would like the outer frame to be, second the inner frame, third the innermost frame and then the curtain and ribbons. We will create a silk border that will look nice with your particular thangka, as well as keep the traditional look of the thangka intact. Remember, we will send you a picture prior to shipping. The silk borders make your thangka more affordable than a glass frame and give you a lovely, traditional look.

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Help Nepal

Our Art School is hosting several young students coming from remote villages of Nepal and talented artists affected by the devastating earthquake in 2015.

We also contribute to the restoration of our village and other humanitarian projects by supporting our local NGO. If you want to volunteer in Changunarayan please contact Kay Garnay for Nepal.

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