Jambhalas Manifestations Painting

Five Jambhala Thangka

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The Five Jambhalas are incarnations of different Buddhas. They are the Bodhisattvas who can give blessing to improve wealth, heal from sickness and increase longevity.
Displayed in this thangka painting the five deities surrounds the central figure of Yellow Jambhala, considered the most powerful among the others and known as manifestation of Buddha Ratnasambhava.
This precious thangka has a very complex design and it is painted using both silver and 24 carat gold.

The origin of Jambhala is connected to the legend of Lama Atisha. The Tibetan Lama willing to help an old man starving and struggling to find food, decides to cut flesh from his own body and offers it to the man that was almost dead. The man refuses the offer and the Lama not knowing what else to do decides to sit next to him. Suddenly Avalokiteshvara with Thousand arms appears in front of Atisha saying that he will manifest himself as the God of wealth Jambhala to fight poverty and help people suffering.
This story reminds how important is the practice the first Paramita: Dana-Paramita, the act of giving in order to receive the blessing from Jambhala as he has promised to give blessings to the people who love to give.

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