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Thanka Painting detailsThere are several factors that must be considered to estimate the value of a thangka painting.
The dimensions and the design of the artwork, the combination of colors, the amount and the quality of the gold used for the decorations are all very important elements. However the experience and the skill of the artist is fundamental.

In order to learn the basic techniques of traditional thangka paintings the students must be assisted by more experienced artists. During the initiation the student learns the process to create the canvas. The next step is to learn the basic geometry of the common shapes and how to draw correctly. During this time the student also learns the techniques to apply the color, create patterns and apply shadings.

Our young and talented student artists have been practicing from a minimum of one year and up to three years. Intermediate level the artists have been practicing between 3 and 8 years.
The artist is considered master after 8 years of constant practice and dedication.
Most of our master artists have more than 25 years of experience painting thangka and teaching as well.
According to this classification our art school is glad to offer different level of quality artworks based on the following denominations:

Student quality: The thangka is painted by one of our talented student under the supervision of a master artist. No real gold is used for the decorations.

Student Kalachakra mandala thangka

Student Quality kalachakra mandala details.

Intermediate quality: One of our experienced artists (3 to 8 years of experience) paints the thangka using 18 carat gold for the decorations.
Advanced Kalachakra mandala thangka

Intermediate Quality kalachakra mandala details.

Master quality: The thangka painting is realized by a Master artist. These artworks are characterized by fine and precise details and 24 Carat gold is used for the decorations.
Master Quality Mandala

Master Quality kalachakra mandala details.

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All our artworks are handmade and each one is unique.
Please contact us before placing an order or click on the button “Product Inquiry” specifying Size, Quality and your favorite customization.

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