Mahakala wood-carved Mask
Tibetan wooden MaskMahakala Himalayan MaskTraditional Himalayan Mask of Mahakal


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Mahakala is a tantric Buddhist deity of Vajrayana tradition.
He is one of the most important Dharmapala or protector of dharma, and considered to be the wrathful and fierce emanation of Avalokiteshvara and Cakrasaṃvara.
Mahakala is worshiped also by Hindus as ultimate manifestation of lord Shiva (Paramashiva) and consort of Kali (Maha-Kali) representing the destructive power of Brahman.

The common element of the masks of Mahakala are the five skulls decorating his crown, symbol of the transmutation of the five “kleshas” (negative emotions) into the five wisdom.
His face is meant to frighten bad spirits away from the place he protects and to keep away negative energy, thoughts and actions.

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