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Post earthquake restoration

Changu 3 Years After: How a Village in Nepal Slowly Recovers

Today is the third anniversary of the devastating earthquakes that killed nearly 9000 people and changed the life of everybody in Nepal, as we are still struggling with its consequences every day.
We look today at the pictures of our village after the earthquake and we can see how our small community managed to recover even if several houses are still damaged or under construction.

Little by little the number of tourists visiting Changu Narayan is increasing.
We are very happy to see more people entering our workshops and learn how to create mandala and thangka paintings or traditional Himalayan wooden masks.
This is really important for our art school, especially for the younger student artists that have the opportunity to improve their english while learning side by side with foreigners.
Despite the good numbers registered by the tourist sector, many people in our village and villages nearby, mostly farmers, are still struggling.

Three years ago we decided to use to help our small community by donating a generous amount of each sale coming from this website.
We are glad of the support we received during these difficult years and we are all truly grateful of the generous contributions of all our customers. Thanks to you visiting the website and purchasing our works of art we funded several projects to build shelters, fixing and restoring houses, providing necessary goods to homeless and people living in rural areas. We also financed several activities like IT classes for kids, village and forests cleanups and workshops to support and empower women in our village.
If you are not familiar with these projects please visit: and

Yet there is a lot of work to do. Even in western countries it takes years if not decades to rebuild after a natural disaster of these proportions. So considering the economic situation of our country, the greed and incompetence of the same old politicians and the high level of corruption, it is reasonable to say that we are still at the beginning of the recovering process.
The good news is that despite the difficult circumstances people here keep smiling and always show hope and optimism, and we are proud to be part of all this.
If you would like to contribute please share our website with your friends to support our art school and help our community to restore our village.
Again thank you to all our dear customers that make this possible.


Let’s Build a Home for a Young Family

help a young family in Nepal

Deepak Pariyar and his wife Anita, like many others, have lost their home to the earthquakes in April, 2015. Since then, they have been living in a corrugated metal hut together with their six month-old baby girl and two teenage brothers.

Their hut consists of just two small rooms and two beds which they all share. They are constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions, dust, humidity, mosquitoes and rodents, making it very unsafe especially for their baby girl, Anju.

Another worrying factor is the upcoming monsoon season. The past monsoons have eroded the knoll of the land where the shed lays and the family doesn’t think that the hut will be able survive another monsoon.

Unfortunately, the young family doesn’t have much support. Deepak and his brothers have lost their parents and the family isn’t eligible for government funding. Nonetheless, the family is trying their best to change their situation. They have bought some material to start building the house but without any help they will not be able to finish the house before the next monsoon season.

So we want to help!
We believe that no family should live in these conditions and surely you think so too. To give you a brief glimpse of what your donation to Dada-Home.Org can buy:
-EUR 0,15 for a clay brick.
-EUR 15 for a sack of cement.
-EUR 150 for a truckload of sand.

The type of house we will build will depend on the amount of donations we will receive as well as on the specific needs of the respective young family. Generally, we wish to raise at least an amount of EUR 4500, as that will usually enable us to build a simple house with a strong foundation that can be extended later and provides a roof, a toilet and the necessary living space.

We will donate 25% of every order we receive this current month to the project.

We understand that not everyone is in a position to donate money, however, you can still help these young families by simply spreading the word.
So tell your friends, family and colleagues about Dada Home Org and our fundraisers.
You can share our Facebook page, recommend our website via email or tweet about us.

Thank you.


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