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Crowdfunding Restoration Project Changunarayan Nepal

Overview of the Project

Due to the Earthquake April 2015 our village needs to be rebuilt. We need help to build it back, one home at a time. This is difficult for economically challenged families here who really need your help.


Project Location

Changunarayan Road, Bhaktapur, Central Region, NepalOur village is quiet, peaceful and natural. It has Nepal’s Oldest Hindu Temple still in use and gentle, lovely Newari people. These people need safe housing after the earthquake of April, 2015. Changunarayan is like a step back in time and is one of those places that many tourists miss, but those who find their way here often create memories and relationships that last a lifetime. Please help us and come see our beautiful village.


This project is to rebuild a beautiful, ancient village, but it is also about providing jobs for these people who have lost everything. Our rewards are quite generous for this reason. Please enjoy a plethora of gifts that support our community and give the people safe housing.

Changunarayan captured my heart over 3 years ago, the peace and quiet, the views, the people and culture. I know if you help us to rebuild it and then come to see what your money has accomplished you will fall in love with Changunarayan, your village in Nepal. Changunarayan is an ancient village at the edge of the Kathmandu Valley. It has the oldest Hindu temple still in use in Nepal and was once an island when this valley was a huge lake.

Although this area is rich in farmland, the people of Changunarayan are mostly subsistence farmers living on less than $2.00 a day. Many of the homes that collapsed during this earthquake should have been replaced a long time ago. They had no running water, glass in the windows or electric service.

This is a ‘One Family at a Time’ project. Here are the first three families below. When this part of the project is completed I will post all the details of the money, then do another project to help a few more families. The criteria is to help families who really need help like the ones below.

This is the 21st. century. Isn’t it time to treat other humans better than we treat our pet dogs and cats? I know people who take their dog to the dentist. Many of these people have never had that experience.

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Homeless people in Nepal

Bir Bhadur Bhadel, 14, and his mother, Laxmi, live next door to me. The father died when Bir Bhadur was seven years old while trying to cross the river during monsoon. Since then a new bridge has been built. Their small, brick home was more than 20 years old and crumbled horribly during the earthquake. Fortunately, Bir Bhadur was with his mother out in the field harvesting potatoes.

This young man, Bir Bhadur, is a joy to know and he was one of the first people I looked for after getting to the village. It is our hope that we can rebuild his home and provide an indoor toilet, kitchen and electricity for them.

My neighbor on the other side, Ghori and Sanjaya Rajabhag, have two young boys, Santalal and Gugalal, ages 12 and 14. They are also subsistence farmers and are currently living outside under my patio umbrellas and some plastic sheeting. Both of my neighbors stay together in their little camp, as they feel comfortable being autonomous. I have actually invited them to stay in the guest house, but there are already many taking shelter here.

Another neighbor, Puncha Maharjan, 60, and his wife, Sanumaya, have no children. Also subsistence farmers, their home was totally destroyed, as well. Although people think of children being more needy, childless couples in Nepal can really struggle in their old age.

I have been quoted prices from $6,000 to $9,000 for each of the homes and will provide jobs for the local people during construction. The new homes will be built to withstand this kind of tragedy while maintaining an ancient village look.
You are going to love it!

Risks and Challenges

The challenge will be to have UNESCO approve the safer style of home. They do not allow earthquake safe construction in the UNESCO sites because they want authentic village homes like days gone by.

note: This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal.

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