Bon Teacher Tapihritsa

Tapihritsa Bon Yogi

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Tapihritsa was a Bon practitioner who achieved the Dzogchen mastery of the rainbow body and consequently is recognized as trikaya Buddha.

Tapihritsa was an ordinary man born in a nomadic family in the country of Zhang Zhung and his main teacher was Dawa Gyaltsen. Tapihritsa practiced for nine years in a holy place outside Mount Kailash and achieved a high state of enlightenment known as “the rainbow body”.

The story of this Bon Yogi is connected with Nangzher Lopo, a very famous master at that time in Zhang Zhung.
Even though Tapihritsa had been taught by Nangzher Lopo before, this master had had a problem with pride and had not been fully realized.

The legend says that Tapihritsa decides to manifest himself in the form of a young boy and he starts debating about meditation and the practice with Nangzher Lopo.
Nangzher Lopo was irritated but soon he realizes that the young boy was a special person. He was shocked by the words of the boy and he could almost not speak.
In that moment of shock and surprise, he looked at Tapihritsa sitting up cross legged in space surrounded by a rainbow as depicted in this thangka painting.

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