Black Mahakala Thanka

Black Mahakala Thangka

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The form of Black Mahakala with six hands featured in this thangka painting is known also as Shadbhuja Vajra Mahakala.
Black Mahakala is depicted standing on the body of a Ganapati, supported by two sandalwood trees and surrounded by beautifully decorated blazing flames, symbol of pure awareness.
His bottom hands hold a curved knife and a kapala (skull cup), the middle two a damaru drum and a lasso and the upper hands hold a mala made of human skulls and a trident.

The other figures represented in this artwork are the five principal retinue deities: Takkiraja, Jinamitra, Raudrantika riding a horse, Kshetrapala riding a bear and Shri Devi riding a mule. On top, depicted performing vitarka mudra, the great Mahasiddha Maitripa, prominent member of the lineage of Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. This famous Buddhist teacher was a student of Naropa and Shavaripa and his most famous student was Marpa.

Most of Mahakala manifestations are wrathful emanations of Vajradhara Buddha. The Shadbhuja form is instead considered emanation of Avalokiteshvara.

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