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Shakti Mandala Yoga

Yoni Yantra Mandala

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The Yoni Mandala is a representation of the goddesses Devi and Shakti, and it symbol of the creative energy that moves through the universe.
In Sanskrit Yoni means “source”, place of origin and vagina, in fact the triangle in the center of the mandala is a depiction of the female genitalia.
In Hinduism the Yoni male counter part is the Lingam, symbol of Shiva.
The union of these two symbols is called Shiva-Shakti and it is represented with a different geometric shape in the Sri Yantra Mandala.

This Mandala is expression of the creative power of mother nature and symbol of the divine feminine energy and is also called Kali Yantra Mandala.
Visualization practice with this beautiful thangka painting induces a deeper state of meditation, facilitates relaxation and avoids distraction during your Yoga practice.

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