Conch Shakyamuni Thangka Painting

Conch Buddha Mandala

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The Shankha Buddha Mandala is the most appreciated thangka painting by yoga practitioners.

Here lord Buddha is depicted surrounded by a conch shell, sitting cross-legged in the center of the mandala.
The right hand of the Buddha is in Vitarka mudra symbol of transmission of a particular teaching without the use of words.
The circle formed by the mudra creates a flow of energy that is enhanced by the conch shell (shankha), one of the the eight Buddhist auspicious symbols Ashtamangala.

Several yogis are depicted around the main circle in different yoga poses, receiving the energy coming from the Buddha.
On the upper part of the mandala Buddha Maitreya and Buddha Amoghasiddhi are portrayed in abhaya mudra, gesture of reassurance against fear and able to to shift negative energy into positive prana.

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