Newari sacred Paintings
Green Tara detailsDetail of the NagaWhite Tara central detailManjushri central detailGoddess Tara details

Newari Style Paintings

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Tibetan traditional Buddhist art was heavily influenced by the Newar artists of the Kathmandu Valley.
As reported by scholars “Within a generation after the disappearance of Indian Buddhism, Tibetans had copied and learned the Newar style, or Beri as it is now known. The style took root and existed for over four centuries, reaching its height from 1360-1460 when it was adopted as Tibet’s universal painting style.” *
Newari artists were well known for their extraordinary skills since then.
Their rich knowledge and practice was passed down for generations to the artist's families. Still today these families of painters dedicate their lives to this ancient art.

Newari traditional paintings are distinguished by stylistic features such as dark blue and indigo backgrounds, smooth tones of maroon and red, very detailed and beautifully decorated ornaments and decorations.
These extremely beautiful paintings requires a very skilled hand, time and patience.

We offer a choice of four designs at this time: Green Tara with the Naga, White Tara, Manjushri and another beautiful Goddess Tara.
Measure: 21×15 inches ( 53×38 cm ).
Availability: Available now one of each design.
Quality: Master
Commission time required: 10 weeks.
Inquire if you want to commission different size or alternative designs.

* The Rubin Museum.

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