Newari Paubha of Ratnasambhava

Ratnasambhava Thangka

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Ratnasambhava is known as the yellow Buddha of the south and he is one of the Five Dhyani Buddhas of the Vajarayana tradition.

Accordingly to the Newari Paubha school he is depicted seated in vajra-pose, his right hand leaning on his right leg in varada-mudra symbolizing generosity and his left hand rests upon his lap in dhyana-mudra.
His skin is yellow-gold and he wears a majestic crown and the eight jewel ornaments and the five silk garments of a Bodhisattva.
The throne is decorated with a golden bar and features several mythical animals typical of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.
The painting features also the Eight Great Bodhisattvas surrounding Ratnasambhava, two of them standing on the sides and holding the stems of lotus flowers in both of their hands.

By meditating on Ratnasambhava it is possible to achieve the wisdom to appreciate the beauty in nature, in the arts, in other people and in ourselves.

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