Mahakala Thangka
Mahakala Thanka Painting

White Mahakala

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Mahakala is the wrathful and powerful emanation of Avalokistesvara. This deity is celebrated in all Tibetan monasteries at the end of every year during Mahakala Grand Puja when Tibetan monks perform a traditional sacred dance wearing the mask of Mahakala.

Six-armed White Mahakala is one of the most famous form of Mahakala and well known for his power to grant wishes and support the comfort and economic well-being of tantric practitioners.
On his right hands Mahakala holds a chopper, a hand-drum and a precious jewel that shines with 5 different colors. On his left hands he holds a trident, a hook and a skull-cup (kapala) full of jewels.
He stands on two elephant headed beings both holding a mongoose that spit jewels like the two different manifestation of Jambhala (Namthose / Kubera) that are represented on the two sides of the thangka painting.

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