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Karmapa Karma Pakshi Thangka

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Karma Pakshi, the Second Gyalwa Karmapa (1203-1283 CE), is the reincarnation of the First Gyalwa Karmapa, Dusum Khyenpa (1110-1193).
The meditation practice of Karma Pakshi was envisioned by the Great Tertön Yongle Mingyur Dorje who was a Nyingmapa and famous for revealing very important Terma (gter-ma in Tibetan): treasures that were concealed by Guru Rinpoche for the benefit of future disciples.

Mingyur Dorje had also realized the Kagyüpa Mahakala Practice, envisioned in the mandala of Karma Pakshi – Guru Rinpoche above KarmaPakshi as the central deity, Hayagriva, a wrathful manifestation of Buddha Amitabha and other deities surrounding him as depicted in this thangka painting.

Karma Pakshi meditation practice is famous as “Guru Yoga” meditation, which consists of various stages. While practicing Karma Pakshi-Guru Yoga, one imagines that the main deity is indivisible with one’s own Lama, who is the Gyalwa Karmapa in the Karma Kagyu Tradition.

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