Tibetan Bon Deity Shenlha Okar

Shenlha Okar

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Shenlha Okar means wise and peaceful white light. He is one of the four transcendent Lords of Tibetan Bon tradition and considered the creator of light during the creation of the world with the help of nine cosmic gods.
Shenlha Okar is also considered one of the manifestations of Tonpa Shenrab Miwoche, the founder of Bon.

In this thangka painting Shenlha Okar is depicted meditating with both hands placed in the lap. His skin is white and the expression is peaceful. His head is surrounded by a green aura and it is adorned with a golden crown.
The rest of the body is decorated with several jewels. He wears a green scarf on the shoulders and silk pants. He sits on a golden throne supported by two snow-lions.

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