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Our Art School is hosting several young students coming from remote villages of Nepal and talented artists affected by the devastating earthquake of 2015.

We also contribute to the restoration of our village and other humanitarian projects by supporting local NGOs. If you'd like to volunteer in Changu please contact Kay Garnay for Nepal.

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Art as a Gift for Your Soul

Choose to Buy Directly From The Artists and Keep Himalayan Art Alive

25% of every sale goes to help rebuild our village and support young artists.

The School

Sunapati Thangka Painting School is 18 years old and is located in the ancient temple village of Changu Narayan, near Bhaktapur, Nepal. Our village is well known because of its artistic, religious and historical significance since the 3rd century AD and it is listed as UNESCO world heritage site.
The main aim of our School is to offer the space and creative environment where students can learn and help the artists to preserve our cultural, spiritual and artistic inheritance.

We have more than 20 students now, most of whom come from remote villages of Nepal.
Part of the profit coming from is used to improve the school, support the students and contribute to help our community.

The Shop

We don’t sell cheap quality paintings or mass produced prints. It is our opinion that we have been successful because of our high quality and genuine artworks and focus on customer service.

By visiting our art gallery and Online Store you will find wide range of Tibetan Mandala, Buddhist and Hindu Thangka Paintings as well as beautiful hand-crafted Himalayan Masks.

Check our prices and send us an inquire specifying size and quality you prefer.
Please feel free to specify any customization you like. If we don’t have in stock the item you like we will be happy to make it for you according to your preferences.

Our Artworks will last more than a lifetime and be a keepsake you will always treasure

Featured Artworks

Buddhist Artworks and Paintings

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All our artworks are handmade and unique.
Before you place a order please click on the button “PRODUCT ENQUIRY” specifying Quality, Size and your favorite customization.

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Our policy is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and we offer express delivery worldwide.
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